How Cool is That?

Love this fan! It measures 12” X 12”. The quilling paper is gold metallic edge on white. Talk about hours and hours of work, this one took hours of work but the finished piece is worth all the effort. One problem was what to use to make the spokes, so after looking around at all the paper here the decision was Christmas wrapping paper that I cut and used. Perfect blend! 


This piece has a permanent place on the wall in my dining room along side of oil painted old barns and windmills. Not a good fit, but if you stretch your imagination it will work, a piece of elegance in the middle of ranch and farm land. 


When working with metallic edged paper more care is required than with regular quilling paper. Metallic edged and solid metallic paper shows glue as an ugly spot, so NO glue showing anywhere. Really that is a must with all quilling, but more so with the metallic. And the metallic takes so much longer to set up, that is longer for the glue to dry. So it takes more patience and lots more time than regular quilling paper but the end results are worth all the time. 


Look for post with metallic edged jewelry, black edged with silver or black edged with gold. The black edged with gold gives a brownish gold look and the silver edged looks like real solid metal. 

Go to and see other jewelry, framed quilling, covered boxes and etc.




One response to “How Cool is That?

  1. Awesome! Thanks so much.

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