Limu and Lactose Intolerance


This story is real, name is withheld because of security reasons.

My Limu Experience involves how Limu has impacted my health from something that has affected me for at least 10 years. When I was in preschool, my parents owned a grocery store in Philadelphia. After school, they would take me to the store until it was time to close. While there, I would eat or drink whatever I wanted. I used to drink NesQuik milk beverages very often; I drank it so much that it became one of my favorite foods since I was a kid. As I got older and moved into elementary school, my milk craving didn’t cease. Once I entered middle school, I began to develop lactose intolerance. It began hitting all of my family members one by one; I couldn’t believe how it touched each person in my household. By the time I entered college, my lactose intolerance usually led me to use the bathroom within 15 minutes of eating a bowl of cereal or drinking a glass of milk. Going through this life change disappointed me very much. I wanted the milk, but my body always refused it.

That’s when LIMU came into the picture. In August 2011, I was introduced to LIMU and came on board as a promoter for the business. Interestingly enough, I didn’t recognize what LIMU ORIGINAL had done for my lactose intolerance until January of 2012. One day I came home with a fast food meal with a milk shake. As I was prepared to eat it all, my brother couldn’t believe I had bought a milk shake with the meal. He warned me of the consequences of drinking it, but I ignored him. I believed that maybe LIMU would save me from running to the bathroom. That day, I won the battle. I tried the same milkshake scenario again. I won. I tested it three more times and couldn’t believe the results. The problem of not being able to drink milk or dairy had gone away. Never in my life have I been able to drink milk and eat dairy as freely as I have now. That was 10 years ago!! LIMU ORIGINAL has saved me from a life of lactose intolerance!


Weight Loss

80 lbs

This is a real story of someone that is part of our family.  As his weigh came off his doctors kept taking him off prescriptions.   So now he is only taking 4 prescriptions instead of 24 different RX.  Also as the weight came off his energy level went up and now he is active in so many things and is able to ride his stationary bike again.  Get started with Limu or promote Limu products.

Weight Loss with Limu

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Relief From Fibromyalgia


The following story is real.  Name has been withheld for security reasons, but the story is real.

My best friend loved me enough to share LIMU with me. I have fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain. I can’t name a day in my life when I wasn’t in pain. Looking back, even as a child I was always hurting; I played sports and I played hard, so I thought that it was just from being worn out. I was diagnosed at 21 (14 years ago). I have struggled with many ups and downs in my emotional health because of fibromyalgia. As a single mom, I couldn’t be depressed. I had to keep the house in order. Groceries had to be bought, but being in tears before I could even make it home from the store took a tremendous toll.

I researched natural ways to manage my fibromyalgia and chronic pain … changed my diet, incorporated yoga and gave up soft drinks. Then I was injured 3 years ago while working a second job as a server in a restaurant. I suffered a severe concussion and sprained my neck. My muscular reaction was so intense that I had to go to a physical therapist to have him work out the knots and tightness. I was taking Lyrica every day, a muscle relaxer at least twice a week, and 2-3 Aleve or up to 10 Motrin every day. That was just to go to work at a stationary computer job. I would come home and be in bed at 8:00-8:30 most nights. My life consisted of pain and sleeping as well as I could, because the pain hindered my rest. 

The third day of drinking LIMU ORIGINAL, I told my friend that I was feeling so good that I was going to skip my Lyrica that night. In fact, I skipped it for two days. I took it one night after that, and then decided to stop taking it altogether. From that day, I have taken just one muscle relaxer (after a terribly stressful day at work) and two Motrin. I drink 2 ounces of LIMU ORIGINAL every morning, and a Blu Frog every day. When I feel stress or pain coming on, I drink an extra 2 ounces of LIMU. It takes care of the ringing in my ears, the headaches, the muscle spasms; the pain stops almost immediately. I’ve gone from being in bed 9-10+ hours a night and feeling miserable each morning, to feeling fully refreshed and rested after 6 ½ to 7 hours. My blood sugar levels have stabilized and now I am very active with my son, work full time, attend the University of Memphis part time, and spend 4-8 hours each week sharing LIMU with my friends and family. I can never truly express what LIMU has done for me physically and emotionally. My life will never be the same! It is said, “You are what you eat.” I am very proud to say that, “I AM LIMU!”

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3 Ways Fucoidan Compounds May Fight Cancer


Fucoidan is the main ingredient of Original Limu

1. Fucoidan (Limu) compounds may promote cells to self destruct. Cancer is nothing more than cells that reproduce with no control.  Apparently Fucoidan may turn on the cellular switch that gets rid of malignant replication.  This process is called “apoptosis”.

2.Studies have shown that fucoidan may stop dangerous cell division.  In test using human lung cancer cells fucoidan effectively discouraged the growth of malignant tumors.

3.Fucoidan’s immune enhancements properties may discourage cancer cells growth.  Cancer cells are permitted to replicate because the immune system fails to recognize and destroy them.  Fucoidan produces compounds that inhibit malignant cell growth.  So the fucoidan enables the immune system to destroy cancer cells more efficiently. 

The breakdown in the immune system allows cancer cells to grow unrecognized.  Fucoidan revs up the immune system defense cells and become more vigilant in targeting abnormal cells for destruction.  I will drink Limu for the rest of my life because of the cancer that is my family history.  I do believe that Limu will protect me from cancer.  Get your protection today. 

Advertisement vs Personal Endorsement


How much does Dr. Pepper spend on its ads to get the public to buy their products over other soft soda drinks?  I would love to have part of that ad budget, wouldn’t you? Limu  could have chosen to advertise its products the same way, but choose another way. A way to spread the advertising money to many people, people like you and me. 

A personal recommendation is worth its weight in gold. If a restaurant is really good, we all tell each other about its good food and service.  If food or service is bad, we also tell others about that also.  So I am here to recommend the greatest Product available.  Limu has help with my health and I can tell you story after story of other peoples health Limu has greatly improved. 

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7 Advantages of Original Limu vs Raw Seaweed

Limu Original Flyer

  1. Limu has unique compound profiles that allow the nutrients to be easily absorbed when digested. The indigestible fiber content from raw seaweed can be removed to create compounds that are better absorbed for maximum results….both internally and externally.
  2. The glyconutrients found in Limu include mannose, galactose and xylose.  The typical American diet contains one or two at the most and a deficiency of these can cause faulty cell function….. resulting in disease.
  3. Essential amino acids and other vital nutrient are much more concentrated when Seaweed is reduced to an extract form as in Original Limu.
  4. The complete content of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and glyconutrients such as fucoidan are quickly and easily absorbed into the blood stream and through the cell.
  5. The ease of taking a liquid supplement makes it more accessible than consuming seaweed in its whole raw form.
  6. Original Limu is rich in live enzymes important to proper digestion.  Cooked foods lack these vital enzymes and put tremendous strain on the digestive system.  By drinking Limu before eating a meal, we counteract the ill effects of typical American dietary habits.
  7. Dosages are easily adjusted to increase potency during times of stress or disease.
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Best Things in Life


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Yeah, we probably have all been in that spot.  How would you like to be able to work at home and actually help other people feel better — now that would be a top shelf.  Want a list of people who have been helped with the seaweed drink Limu?  Well, no names, but here is a list of what we have actually seen with real people we know.

  1. Arthritis pain greatly relived
  2. Allergies greatly relived or gone
  3. Fibro no longer a problem
  4. Acid Reflux no longer needs RX
  5. Detox body naturally
  6. Blood sugar better controlled
  7. Blood pressure stabilized
  8. Weigh controlled
  9. Increased energy
  10. Relief from chemo
  11. Plus many more.

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Real People Tell it Like It Is

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